Holiday Gift Guide - Jane Winchester Picks

So we got to thinking about the holidays and – no one wants one brand under their tree. It’s about that mix of a new scented something, maybe some new boots – definitely some work-out gear. Fresh art for your walls? JEWELRY FOR SURE. This year has taken us all over the US for trunks shows – shopping our way cross-county, with the pleasure of being hosted by the loveliest of stores and chatting with the coolest designers. Our gift guide is a bit of a thank you to everyone who gave us a leg-up on our first trip around the sun. We are inspired by these independent retailers and independent designers who delight us with their ambition and love of product. Shop this group – you will be happy you did.


Hathaway Hutton

Created by one of our favorite Instagram friends – whose skills are in serious demand. Shop Hathaway Hutton for those hand-painted French bags you see all the beautiful people carry.

Check it out!

Le Paradis

NOT THAT THE NAME caught our eye (Jane Winchester is actually Jane Winchester Paradis), we met the creator of Le Paradis beauty in LA and have been hooked on the banana scent (YUM) of the Jamaica lip balm ever since.

Some Paradis

Helen Jon Suit

Our favorite best-fitting bathing suit comes from the infamous Helen Jon, once you wear her suits you may never wear another.

Jump In!

Jane Winchester

Jewelry? We can help with that. For the traveler, it’s all about the FOREVER pendant. Forever explore, forever find your way home.

Jane Winchester Of Course

FOR SOMEONE YOU ADORE (aka everything we want to buy ourselves)

The Grove WP

THIS TOP OF OUR MOST WANTED LIST, leave it to the girls at The Grove in Winter Pak, FL to nail the fur vest wrap hybrid. Need we say more than fox & cashmere?

Get the Grove

Ashley Longshore

No one does butterfly’s like Ashley Longshore. When we have ‘made it’ we are buying one of her paintings STAT!



The women behind Mersea are eager to help other women in business…and they have exquisite taste. This candle paired with its quartz coaster is insanely gorgeous.

Light It Up


Saw this bag at our local fashion depot Eaves and haven’t stopped thinking about it. Call 610.688.4466 to order or shop Kule online…

Get Kule


Jewelry? YES PLEASE. For the one you adore we suggest layering up in our LOVE collection. Pair the small LOVE coin with the long multi-coin necklace.

Get Love


Swim into Valiante

Forever on a chic vacation? We own this caftan and it’s the easiest way to look fabulous without trying.

Swim In

Nancy Westfall at Gregg Irby

Skulls are a favorite motif at Jane Winchester and the art by Nancy Westfall at Gregg Irby is a current favorite…also love her butterflies.

Get Skulls!

Addison Bay

SCREAMING – we are screaming at you – our fabulous friend Marghi started Addison Bay with the ultimate assortment of fitness meets fashion - you have to get involved.

Get Involved

JW Hoops

Jewelry? Of COURSE. Hoops are the ultimate go-to these days to complete any fashionable outfit.

Get Hoops!


Having the inside scoop on the hottest new restaurants is everything! At a recent pop-up in Chicago we had the pleasure of shopping and dining with the guys who own SPACE 519 – and it is like a baby-barney-meets-colette…they have the chicest assortment around. This book is the perfect gift for your foodie-friends.

For the Foodie

Ladybug Vintage

We are honored to know the force behind Ladybug Vintage – and she may in fact be our coolest friend! Vintage jewelry is such a chic gift!!!!! We are obsessed with this fish pendant but she has so many options you could complete your holiday shopping list in one stop.  

Get Vintage Chic



Admit it, time in the kitchen can help you sort through your thoughts. And optimism comes easy when baking with Candace Nelson.

Get It


Cashmere just makes you feel good. Wear it when establishing a new sense of self. The PEACE ☮ signs help too. Last winter LeTarte hosted us in Palm Beach for our first trunk show ever – and we will be forever grateful.

Get Cashmere

Katie Kime

Write it down. It helps. On our first-ever trip to Austin the uber-creative Katie Kime hosted JW and we fell for her AND her bright new paperie line – like – hard.

Get Journals


We are biiiiig believers in getting a good nights sleep. Leave it to GOOP to help keep you on track no matter what life throws your way. When GOOP accepted our FOREVER pendant for their holidays gift guide (coming 11/15) we knew we would be forever thankful for the support.

Too Tired

JW Original Strong

Everyone needs a reminder of their own strength, especially in times of transition. STRONG is our favorite pendant to wear when we need a simple touchstone to remind ourselves the power we all hold.

Get Strong!

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